Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well, look at that, that's redundant. And repetative. And it happens over and over again.

I FINISHED THIS AND AM QUITE PLEASED. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the background. BUT THE SHADING WAS FANTASTIC TO DO! =D So fun... but the coloring of the stripes was another story XD

AND HERE'S MY LOAF OF FAT! Her head looks really big in the first one because of the perspective. CHUBBMUFFIN.

"...Traveling on the 909!" John sang wildly, almost yelling, ending the show with the crash of Ringo's cymbals. The audience burst into applause.
"That was great!" John laughed, wiping the sweat from his forhead.
"Yeah, I know, next time we've got to do more of what you were doing there, Ringo- Real different, I like it!" Paul walked over to Ringo's drum kit. The three older Beatles laughed, immitating the other's mannerisms on the stage, oblivious to what was going on.
"Guys- I think we should go..." George backed up away from the crowd, tripping on a wire and nearly falling on Paul.
"What is it? I think we should stay a while, I mean they havn't even-" Paul was interrupted by George's thickly accented voice.
"Listen!" Much of the crowd had formed a mob, shouting a chant in a sort of unity never seen in what George nicknamed "The Naughtiest City in the World".
"Had a feeling they'd get mad..." Ringo shuddered at the mob raging Germans clad in leather, couple of the guys had even had knives out.
"Calm down- Ringo's a Beatle now, and you'll all have to just accept it." Paul folded his arms as John got closer to the crowd.
"Just get out. We ain't wanting any trouble! If you like the bloke so much then why don't you just go down and put 'im in your band? Sod off! All of you!"
"Think your just gettin' them angrier!" George attempted to pull the raging Lennon away from the edge of the stage when the young guitarist was grabbed by the arm and pulled off the stage. "Get off- AHHG!" George hit the concrete with a loud thump.
"George!" Ringo shouted as John spun around, stunned.
"They've got George! George!" He reached out for George's hand, but the youngest Beatle was carried away by a broad shouldered giant of a man like a small child, kicking and yelling among the continuous chanting.
"Let go of 'im!" John leaped from the stage, folowed by Ringo, then Paul who had just gotten his legs untangled from the mess of cords leading to the amps. The three ran forward, attempting to free the Beatle in distress, but the crowd was too thick. "What're they doin' to him? It ain't his fault Pete wasn't good enough!"
"I'm worried about the little guy- He used to fights?" Ringo asked, the short man trying to push through the crowd with no avail.
"Nah, he's real shy- We usually stand up for him." Paul tried looking over the swarm of people- no use.
"Thought so- sure hope he'll be alright- They could be hurting him out there!"
"More than likely, Rings, but at this rate I can't get through at all!" John fought through, pushing and shoving. "Wait- listen- what was that?" Over the chanting they could hear something faintly- It was George- screaming.
"No! Let me through-" Paul pushed a couple people over, rushing to the young Beatle. They finally got through- and George had ran. "Where'd he go?" Paul searched the street frantically.
"We better find him quick- Run!" John sprinted ahead, looking through alleyways, searching for the lost guitarist.
"I'll look this way!" Ringo ducked through the crowd, as he lost nearly a fistfull of hair in the back. "Ouch! That hurt a bit." He excaped through another alleyway. "George? Come here George! Here George!" He ran, looking one way when he ran into Paul, looking the other.
"Oof- Sorry Ringo- Thought I heard something that way- come with me!"
"Here George! Here George! Come here George! I'll get you a- Let's see... What's George's favorite snack?" Ringo looked at Paul, who gave him a confused look.
"He's our guitarist- Not our dog."
"Okay! Here George! I'll get you some nice strings for your Rickenbacker- Any kind you want! Here Georgie George!" 
"I'll take cash, if you please." John walked over, snickering. "Find him yet?"
"Do you think he'd be bribing him with guitar strings otherwise?"
"Paul thought he heard something over there- sounds like there's someone behind those boxes!" Ringo pointed, running over. He kicked over the box to find George Harrison, quivering, with a black eye and a bleading lip.
"George! You nearly scared us to death!" Paul helped him up, and George was on his feet.
"Nearly beat me to death- this is gonna hurt."
"Scared me- Thought you were really hurt, the way you screamed like a bird." John laughed, not amusing the serious George.
"Next time, let's let them mess up your face." George pushed passed them, exhausted, as Ringo supressed a giggle.
"Do you guys take turns with this stuff?" Ringo asked, picturing John screaming like a bird.
"All in the days work of a Beatle."


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