Monday, January 21, 2013

In YOUR nostrils.

FATIST. Well, last night I had a dream where there was a martian. You see, in the future people wanted to inhabit Mars and found that the human race could not withstand the thin atmosphere for extended periods of time, even though they already had put enough photosynthesizing organisms on the planet for the oxygen levels to rise. So, they started altering human's genetic makeup, making them into a new humanoid species: Martians. They did look a bit different, like a new race would, but their differences from humans were mostly internal. They had stronger lungs, muscles adapted to the lower gravity, less temperature sensitive, etc. So, when the scientists altered voluteer humans to give them these desired traits, they sent them into a few years of training and sent them on a rocket to the red planet. They still had to use technology to aid them in the beginning, stuck in structures most of the time that would regulate the temperature and air, occasionally walking out in speciallised suits when the weather was good. Some were even farmers, taking advantage of the new planet to feed themselves and to add more oxygen to the atmosphere. As time went on, the Martians grew in numbers, although the Martian children rarely survived the harsh conditions in the beginning. But with the aid of biotechnology, evelution was sped up, only accepting the desired traits and changing fast. After a couple hundred years, there was a good sized Martian population. They could now stay out side, though many only could for shortened amounts of time because of the thin air and harsh temperatures, taking emergency bottles of atmosphere from Earth with them. The brains of the Martians had also been altered from humans, being much more childlike. They were a lot more intelegent, creative and very peaceful, but sadly for them they were also extremely gullible and compliant with the humans on Earth, not seeing anything wrong with how humans controlled them. They just went on with their lives, never questioning authority, seeing what they did to them as normal. Because of the difficulty of maintaining the correct genes for the martians, scientists came up with a plan to create the perfect martian race, an idea that got expanded when the government heard it. Two hundred years after the first altered humans on mars, they had a system for martians. They couldn't personally genetically engineer every single martian, that would be far to costly, so they let the martians reproduce naturally, which was good. Then after a few generations the results were getting too out of hand, they were becomming a bit too weak, a bit too human, so when ever a martian child would reach a certain age a scientist would examine them, seeing if they had all the desired martian traits, making sure they were fit for survival. The ones who were would be sent off to live a normal life, do as they pleased. They could get any job they wanted, get married, have children, etc. Now, the other martians, the weak ones who may have inhereted a few undesired traits would be put on a list. Only when they reached the equivalent of eighteen they would find out if they were on the list or not. If they were, they would be shunned from society, considered incapable of most work, prohibited from marrige, parenthood, or having almost any sort of relationship with the oposite sex, because the humans didn't want any set backs in their progress of creating the perfect martian race with the optomum chance of survival. In many cases, these unlucky martians would be even shunned by their friends, their families, even their own parrents. Because of how long this had gone on, it had become a part of society, they didn't give it another thought. It was just seen as something that had to be done. So, the humans could continue breeding sentient, concious, humanlike beings like dogs, doing it as much as they pleased with no complaints. And of coarse this wouldn't fly on Earth, but most people on Earth had no idea what was going on, it was a secret only shared by the top government officials and the top scientists.
Once in a while they would still genetically engineer humans to become martians, but this was rare since the martians had become so different and complex and it cost quite a lot. But they still would, and these people would usually be great minds, like scientists, and would really want to live amongst the martians, studying them all their life. In my dream I got to see moments of the life of one of them, like a series of flashbacks. There was a man, a famous scientist that had gone to mars a few times and had communicated with them frequently, deeply studying the martian race. There was nothing he wanted more in the world then to become a martian. So, his wish would be granted. He was lying on a hospital bed in a bright white room with masked doctors all around him, and the lights faded out. When he regained conciousness, he was in a space ship heading to mars. There he was- a martian! a perfectly engineered martian. He looked mainly the same, had the same red-brown beard, still wore thick framed glasses (though I don't think he would actually need them anymore, his eyesight would probably be better than an average human's) and then was on mars. I saw him a couple years later, he had a martian wife who was also a scientist, but had grown up on mars and had decended from one of the oldest martian families. They were going to have their first child in a matter of days, and had gone to sleep in their house. (it was a strange metal structure, looked almost like some sort of space ship on the inside, protecting from the harshest of mars weather. It was very advanced, even for houses on mars.) They woke up in the middle of the night- There was an earthquake, a very large earthquake, though earthquakes were common on mars this one was very extreme. There was a warning for a natural disaster that many martians had evacuated for, but some had stayed, like them, because they had secure houses and needed to stay. Luckilly it stopped- but red lights started flashing everywhere. There was some sort of toxic gas surrounding their house, it had come from underneath the ground through some sort of natural disaster- they had to secure things, putting on speciallised suits and making sure none of the gas could get through the metal walls. After a while it calmed down, and the man started up his comunication device. It was a screen with a headpiece that you put on, an advanced telephone. He tried every place he knew- and nothing was happening- All the lines were dead. After finally contacting someone in an entirely different location on mars (the equivalent of another state or country) he had found out that every single martian anywhere near them had died- they were the last survivors in their area. Not just the city, but the equivalent of everyone in the state of California- dead. This was quite alarming of coarse, but to add to that they had to evacuate as fast as posible- There was still a threat that more of that natural disaster would occur. So they got into their vehicle, like a really fast car that could fly, and tried getting out as fast as they could. After a few hours they started geting some sort of signal- on their radio there was someone puting out some sort of signal that said that there were some survivors- and they arived there. It was late in the next night, she was about to have the child and they really needed somewhere to stay. It turned out that another group of scientists had survived, they had been hiding in a large metal structure underground, preparing for the natural disaster that they had predicted would happen. So, they stayed there with them. A day later, the child was born, a boy. He was very lucky to survive the harsh conditions and they later got to return home.
This is where the majority of my dream story of the Martian started.
There was a young teenage Martian, the son of the scientist, now around the equivalent of sixteen years old. He was walking along a field, though instead of grass there was a lime green carpet of moss covering the red soil, mirroring a cloudless turquoise sky. It didn't really rain there, only very rarely, so sprinklers inbedded in the soil would come on once in a while. This moss was specially engineered on earth to balance out the atmosphere for the martians and other organisms from Earth, cleaning up the air as much and as efficiently as possible, though it couldn't grow on Earth. The martian boy looked almost exactly like a human, like most martians, except with bright red-orangish skin that looked like a combination between a sunburn and a spray tan, except more natural looking, and seemed almost like it reflected the sun, shining, almost glowing. Also like other martians he was a bit taller, had much longer legs than a human and had bright, almost glowing green eyes, under thin arched eyebrows. He had curly reddish brown hair like his father, since martian hair was very much like human hair. He walked along, even though it was a bit hard to breathe the thin hot mars air. Suddenly, someone came over- It was his cousin from Earth. His cousin was human, related to his father. He was in his early twenties, had blond hair and was in a fancy uniform underneath his space suit. He was some sort of prince.
"Oh- Hello- When did you get here?" the martian smiled with a very sore voice- the thin air was a bit hard on his vocal chords, but it would go back to normal when he breathed thicker air.
"A couple days ago. Thought you might want to visit Earth, that is if you don't have anything to do for a while."
"Oh, I don't think so- I love visiting Earth! I havn't since I was a kid!"
"Well, you still are a kid, but it is time you see it again. Should you be out here? You're breathing pretty hard."
"Yeah, but I can take it- I've been doing it all the time."


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