Sunday, January 20, 2013

As I write this title, it is EXACTLY 22:00. Let's see how much time it takes for me to actually finish this XD

"Nothing's wrong? Look here!" he said, his top hat shading his eyes.
"I don't see anything." Alice stared at Emryss, as he frantically looked through his pockets, as if he had lost something, something quite valuble.
"Wrong! It's wrong! Look here!" he spun around, arms stretched out. "You've messed it up!"
"Emryss, what is it?" Alice asked him cautiously, as he stormed around the room.
"You! Ever since you've got here- Bad enough they're going to find me! Now this! It's ruined! You've ruined everything!" he shouted, taking his hat off and flinging it against the wall, just missing Alice.
"What happened- Calm down-"
"Calm down? You want me to let my guard down... I see your little tricks... You want to know something? I'm not going to be the one to lose today- Oh no- Not today! Never again!" he rambled on, breathing heavilly.
"What are you talking about, Emryss?" Alice backed away, speaking softly, reaching for the door knob.
"NO!" He grabbed her wrist, gripping it tight, digging his long fingernails into her skin.
"What- What are you doing?" she cried, as he pushed her to the ground. "Stop!" Alice yelped, as he raised his cane.
"Stop! That's just what you want! All of you! You just want me to stop! I'll show you who'll do the stopping!" He yelled, infuriated, standing over her with the cane raised far above his head.
"Emryss! Please, Emryss, please stop! I don't want to hurt you! It's just me, Mauraine! I've never wanted to hurt you!" She screamed, hands in front of her, eyes closed tight, crying.
"Mauraine?" he said slowly, lowering his cane. "You're... Mauraine!" he gasped, dropping the cane to the ground. "No- No! I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry." he stepped back, tripping on his cane and fell on his back. "I'm so sorry!" he started scooting away, pulling himself backwards with his hands on the floor.
"I'm sorry! I- I'm so sorry- I- Gah!" he picked up the cane, throwing it across the room.
"Emryss, are you alright?" Alice sat up on the floor.
"No! I cant belive- I can't belive that happened!" He got up, turned to the corner.
"It's... It's alright..." Alice inched forward, a bit frightened.
"No it isn't, Mauraine!" he turned back, sobbing. "I've done it again!"
"Look, it's okay..."
"No, it isn't! I hurt you!" He screamed, the middle aged man bawling like a child. "I hurt you! Like everyone else! See it now, Mauraine? See what's wrong with me? See what happens? I'm Emryss Folliot! I'm crazy! That's what I am!" he curled up, his head hidden beneath his arms, as he let out a blood curdling scream.
"I'm- I'm fine, Emryss, I'm okay, calm down..." She tried conforting him, clueless about what to do and had no idea of what had just had happened, or why.
"You're wrist- It's bleeding, and I was going to hit you! I'm a monster!"
"I know you didn't mean it- You're no monster, we all have our... Moments." She leaned in closer, trying to calm down the man, worried about what he'd do next.
"That's what my mother said. See what happened to her! Get out of here!" he pointed to the door, shouting. "Go if you know what's good for you! Get out now- Or you could kill me- Just get away from me!" He cried, furious with himself.
"No. I won't. Just like I didn't call the police when I first found you here, I won't get out. I'm standing my ground. Now, Emryss, you'll walk out of this room and into your basement where you belong. You will stay in this house, live your life like you've been doing the months I've been here." She stood up, folding her arms.
"Okay... I will." Emryss walked out of the room.
"That was... Weird..." Alice said to herself once he was gone, as she heard him shut the basement door. "Really weird..."

WELL, I typed a word, didn't like it, typed another word, and liked it. I wrote a random sentence and put quotation marks around it, changed it up, and here we go. Wrote a whole part of a chapter. Whooo. I did need to show that Emryss was actually "crazy", not some slightly essentric man with greying hair who lived in a basement drinking tea all day. BANG!- a bit of drama. Then there's the bird scene that should be in here somewhere... And that's just near the beginning. Sadly, this is out of place with my chronologically ordered chapters I've been writing... Ah, well, PEACE AND LOVE, PEACE AND LOVE, AND I AM NOW 5179 DAYS OLD!!! =D

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