Monday, February 4, 2013


 Yes. I have to post about Ringo's grey streak today, since I just watched the rooftop concert, with his hair blowing in the wind in a very epic manner... It just sets the feel for something so exeptional like the rooftop concert... And here he is, the only time I've seen his grey streak with his hair long like that. Most people have to wait years to get a grey streak like that, and by then it isn't nearly as cool. BUT THIS- it's just awesome. I do not use the word awesome much, because I belive it is overused, but this a time I'd use it. Even when he was in Rory's band, he had this grey streak- his hair was brown, and then it was grey, just in that spot. I don't know, I just like it XD I need to get to sleep, I've got the AMC 10 tomorrow, and they don't let you use a calculator, so PEACE AND LOVE, PEACE AND LOVE, AND I AM NOW 5194 DAYS OLD!!! =D

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