Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have tried to play "Blow Away", "My Sweet Lord" and "Give me Love" with my new slide I got- I NEED TO MAKE MY OWN TABS, MAN. well, My Sweet Lord was fine, but the others... well, I'll figure it out on my own XD and then I want to figure out the WHOLE ENTIRE solo to stairway to heaven, ain't to hard XD just will take a bit of my concentrated time, AND TOMORROW DHANI HARRISON IS COMMING TO SEATTLE!- except I won't be seeing him, SO, really no difference for me personally... XD KIND OF SAD XD you know what is TERRIBLE???? THAT I ABSOLUTELY DETEST AND SIMPLY CAN NOT STAND- When writing things to people, it dosn't work. MY HUMOR. MY LOVELY TOUNGE IN CHEEK HUMOR THAT I USE EVERY SINGLE LIGHTHEARTED SENTENCE JUST ABOUT XD (Of coarse I can be overly flippant... AH, WELL, BLAME MY MEDICATION ON THAT XD) you see, the problem is, I can not make good jokes on paper. I CAN'T PUT THE EMOTICON "XD" TO SHOW THAT I THINK IT'S FUNNY AND THAT I'M NOT DEAD SERIOUS! I CAN'T EXPRESS MY SELF, MAN! that's why I like face to face communication SO MUCH- no awkward phone conversations or someone going on and on and on... No reading to the point where the letters shake and move and split apart ever so slightly, no misunderstandings of the real meaning, no waiting for replys, JUST RIGHT THERE. I MEAN, TOUNGE AND CHEEK HUMOR- ONE OF ME DEFFINITIONS, MAN! I'M NEVER SERIOUS!- unless I am, and then people automatically assume I'm having some mental brakedown or simply don't take me seriously XD or I'm hungry. WHICH IS DEAD SERIOUS. WELL, PEACE AND LOVE, PEACE AND LOVE, SOMEDAY NEVER COMES, TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS, YESTERDAY, RAIN, THE RAIN SONG, WHO WILL STOP THE RAIN, SUN KING, HERE COMES THE SUN, HERE COMES THE MOON, GOOD MORNING, GOOD NIGHT, IN THE EVENING, THE LEMON SONG, THE WANTON SONG, HOT DOG, BEEF JERKEY, THANKS FOR THE PEPERONI, IT'S JOHNNY'S BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YER BLUES, GOODNIGHT, (ITS ALL DOWN TO) GOODNIGHT VIENNA, (JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER, THE END, AND IN THE END, THE LOVE YOU MAKE, IS EQUAL TO THE LOVE YOU TAKE, AND I AM NOW 5038 DAYS OLD!!! =D

good songs, man, good songs XD

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