Sunday, September 2, 2012


MY SUPER BIG MAN CAT IS SLEEPING INSIDE!!! HE MUST BE HAPPY!!!! =D YAY FOR SIPPIEPIES!!! that is why I will make a basic familly tree for him.
THIS IS A LEOPARD CAT, not a Leopard, but an Asian wild cat with leopard like markings. When bred with a house cat it produces:
 A BENGAL CAT! bred for their markings but still maintaining the housecat temperment, they can usually be kept 3rd generation.  GUESS WHAT? SIPPIE'S DAD WAS ONE OF THESE! and I don't think he was quite 3rd generation...

Now, this is a siamese cat, sure you have heard of them, known for their point markings.

this is a persian, known for their long hair and face, and when bred with the siamese cat it produces...

 A HIMALAYAN! Sippie's mom was one of them! I am guessing a chocolate point like this one.



SIPPIEPIES!!!!!!!!!!! =D
 (that's him around winter, he's much lighter right now 'cause its hot out)
 I have found that he has many traits in common with the Leopard Cat (besides his attitude and temperment) for one, he seems to get fatter near winter and thinner near spring!

here is him as a child XD

AND ONE OF THE EARLIEST BABY PICTURES THAT EXISTS! =D (roughly the size of a guineapig, around 5 weeks)

and now he's roughly the size of a medium sized dog =D YAYS! =D well, PEACE AND LOVE, PEACE AND LOVE, AND I AM NOW 5039 DAYS OLD!!! =D

I was going to eat raw oatmeal in milk with agave nectar like I sometimes do for breakfast, and after a few bites I noticed these strange bits ALL OVER and wondered what it was. I looked in the containter AND IT WAS SWARMING WITH FRUITFLY SIZED BUGS! and I'm a vegetarian, man! XD I ate bugs, ain't it funny XD I started feeling sick later... XD
Peace and love, man, peace and love

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