Monday, September 3, 2012


WHAT? BUT I JUST CLOSED IT. WHY DO YOU NEED IT CLOSED? IT IS IN ANOTHER ROOM. CLOSE IT YERSELF, MAN! THERE YA GO. I just drew a happy picture. IT'S A BUG! IT'S HAPPY CRICKET. SO WHAT. My guitar's d string broke today, when I was trying to tune it to E major, I forget why, but I wanted to, and I got it up half a step and IT SNAPPED. I replaced it. The new one was much more flexable. I haven't had to replace me strings in nearly a year, but that ain't too long... NO. DO IT YOURSELF. WHAT IS IT? WHAT STUFF? NO. NO! No.
well, anyways. my computer is at 5% battery, anoying machine... meh... XD well, peace and love, peace and love, and I AM NOW 5040 DAYS OLD!!! =D

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