Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's Spongebob's birthday tomorrow, according to my iCalendar. Don't let me forget.

I perfected some clay hands today. They need a bit of touch ups and sanding, but they look great on the top side. The mouth isn't too parted anymore, but I'm a little worried about how his chin is turning out. It's something easy to fix anyways. It would be nice to make a push mold for the face to have a starting template for the others- It would just make things so much easier. I just wonder how good it would be without endangering my original. I could cast his face in- NO. Not just for a template at this stage. Forget my speculations and wonderings. Good day, fair citizens of planet Earth, I shall retrieve something from the level up and then let my mind return to a dormant state until the next day. Well, it will likely be the next day when that happens, but ah well. Ah well, oh well, Eh.

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