Saturday, July 12, 2014

I kicked a kitty

Hello, fair citizens of this planet and all others. I thought I should speak my mind again today. However blank and usual it is. Usually it's not, so I'd think it should be find. I'm not looking at my keyboard, and I won't for quite some time. I'll see how it turns out.  can't see what I've written before, just relying on memory. I woner if it will engage deeper thought=- Not foucusing on spelling, just the intsinctual typing of y fingerx. Second nayture. Ver;y natural to our new day and age. It's rather quiet at this time of night. I like it  though I'm sort of tiring. I had pastatoday. Things go so much quicket ain dreams. Then again, paper can hold a cinnema.  So can the human brain, but you'd have to unravel it to get past the junk and whatever else. I've just realised that my room is predominately blue. I s;u[[osed I made it like that, and on purpose, but that was years ago. It has maintained it's color scheme, just from my color preference and the things I like just so being in that category. I have my yellow submarine stuff, my hot space album on the wall, my other posters, my sgt pepper drawing, that printed out photograpb of freddie mercury I taped up there after I used it as a drawing reference. It looked cool and the printer didn't emess it up, so why shouldn't it be there? I still have that fish I made in fourth grade. It's filled with paper towels for crying out loud. I like the coulors though. All of my favorites, with a couple of random ones thrown in. Like purple. I like purple now. I suppose I wasn't keen on it then, but it is a fine color. And it's held up by a string I muyst have gotten in first grade. Why do I still have this stuff- and how havn't I notised it? It's been years since I put it up, and it hasn't falen down or anything. But still, it hasn't been so long that I shouldn't remember puting  it there. I've got all of this stuff I never use or look at, yet I havn't parted with it yet. My callendar is still on may. My old one was still on october 2011 until I decided to replace it. This one will probably stay on 2014 for another 3 years. Or I'll be out of this room by then, I never can tell. mY SSCULPTING'S LOOKING NICE.
Look at that, I reversed the capslock. I'm glad I caught that XD. Not too many spelling errors, but I have got this annoying m in front of everything I've been typing -->m

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