Monday, July 21, 2014


Well, someone out there has recieved a letter. CONGRATULATIONS! That is a nice sized chunk of a word.
Today I suppose I made progress. How typical.
I want to order materials, but the shipping is far too much for my liking. What a pity.
I need spheres. Perfect spheres. 14mm, 23mm, 32mm, 16mm (most likely comes in a marble that I have), 24mm (another marble size, I think), 11mm, and 18mm (flexible size, could size up).

Okay, looked it up. 12mm, 25mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 19mm are all standard sizes. FANTASTIC. That leaves 23mm and 32mm. Those two are my two least flexible sizes and will be harder to find. I have found 23 mm, but it is a bit expencive. Worth getting, though.
OH. 32mm=1.25 inches. I'll try looking in inches. 23= .9 inches, a bit harder, though I've found it.
I'll just have to look at my marbles. I have a 16mm on the large side, a 24 on the large side, and unfortunatley that's it. I'll have to look around.

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