Saturday, May 24, 2014


Well, I got my hair cut yesterday. It's all short and nice now. It looks awesome. I had a dream where I joined a nomadic amish group lead by Weird Al, and we'd forage through forests for hours. Whilst being amish. Also, before that, it was 1970 when the Beatles broke up, and Ringo died- But Ringo was Ringo's favorite Beatle, so he was sad, while the other Beatles were disapointed because The Beatles were their favorite band. It's confusing looking back- I think they must have been existing in parallel realities, while knowing of eachother but somehow not recognising that they were in fact the same people. And that there were two Ringos. Also, someone's face got peeled off sometime in all of that, didn't have anything to do with much of it. I think he was put in jail, but like a jail hospital. I have strange bumps on my wrist. It's a bit odd.

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