Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I now have a half finished blog for my art. SOMEONE CLAP FOR ME. I like the looks of it, and the new dynamic template is quite excellent. I was unsure of what to call it, so I just called it 89000007 ART XD It'll catch on... Maybe. When I'm done, I'll have my bjd progress, tutorials, possibly commision prices, etc. It will hopefully work for my grade. Not that I wouldn't have gotten full credit anyways, but I want it to feel like I'm doing occupational education if that's what I'm getting the credit for. ANYWAYS, I came up with the color scheme myself, so GO LOOK AT IT.
Beautiful, isn't it? I just found some files and stuck them there, I could probably find more if I looked, which I will do. Most of those are at least a year old.
My custom favicon isn't showing up yet, but when it does it should look like this:
Also made that myself, from the colors I made up.

Chubber is sleeping.

Well, I had an interesting dream last night, like an allegory for politics, nearly literal.
There was this place, could have been a small town, a city, or even a small country. It was split in two: The Right Side, and The Left Wing. My dream self lived in The Left Wing, in a classic suburban house with three parents and multiple siblings. I had never set foot in the Right Side, though had seen it on numerous occasions. The Right Side was known in The Left Wing for crossing the borders and killing its citizens, thinking it a mission from God. After all, we were all a bunch of commies.
So, I was in my house, with me and one of my sisters in the dream. I was talking, when I heard someone enter the house- A man from The Right Side. I could tell by his hostile tone and southern accent. I was scared- He heard me, and could very well kill me. My sister said that she would go out and try and drive him away. I said okay, being the coward that I was. She went out on the top of the stair case, and looked down at him. I remember he was dressed in yellow, resembling some sort of comic superhero. I peaked from behind the door, watching his arms stretch up a story tall, grab her by the neck and start to thrash her body around. I heard her suffocating screams, as she was slowly decapitated. The man made references to popular Left Wing stories as he did this, knowing I was there. He mentioned characters seen as heroes, who were assumed to have excaped and lived a happy life- He revealed their painful, sad deaths again and again, until the girl was entirely dead. Shortly after, a couple of my older brothers rushed in, after the man had gone. I was left standing there in shock over the dead body, singing a nursery rhyme about the characters he had talked about. That was all I could do.
A couple of years later, it was a celebration day. An old plane flew over the boarder, dropping baloons on the people below. The baloons were green and red on the Left Wing, white, blue with a touch of red on the Right Side. I watched it solemnly, wishing that all of them would just disapear. Every single person on the Right Side. The name sickened me- Seeming to proclaim that their point of view on life was morally right. That's what they all thought. Their side was stuck in the mindframe of centuries past, while using all of the resources available with modern technology, painting a picture in my mind of a bunch of greedy mindless folk- A bunch of bleeding capitalists, with their red, white and blue.
I couldn't see the wrongs behind the Left Wing- They were hidden from me, and I was some how aware of that fact. There were things I didn't know, but I did know that we had to be better than the Right Side.

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