Thursday, April 3, 2014


I've been working on painting eyes today and combing Chubber. We have developed an even deeper bond XD
Here are the 4mm centers for my 8mm bowie eyes, unfortunately coated from residue from the resin that just wouldn't cure... I had to wipe it off, but to wash it entirely may remove some paint. I'm just going to wait on it. I have two pairs of blue eyes with a rainbow center, a pair of grey, three pairs of brown, a pair of black/dark brown, a pair of blue-violet and a pair of red-violet, a pair of three different kinds of greens, two kinds of yellow pairs, an orange pair, a light blue pair and a pink pair. YEAH. PROGRESS XD Next time I do this, if I do colors in bulk, I may make polymer clay canes for the centers instead, and then paint small details. Don't know how I did it last time, the centers were less than 2.5mm yet still looked great- and even without the small brushes I have now. This time the whites should be better, I got a glaze and semi-translucent clay for them.
I think I'll have to make human sized ones some day :D
At least 14mm instead of 8mm.


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