Monday, December 16, 2013


I made progress today. Well, I feel like I did. I have all the cores for the limbs and torso. That makes ten pieces for my ball jointed SCULPTURE (sculpture preserves my dignity. But yes, essentially a souped up doll). He'll be beutiful XD
Now I just need to do the joints (Which may take a LONG TIME), six for the arms (wrists, elbows and shoulders), the joint connecting the upper and lower torsos, six for the legs (hips, knees and ankles), and the neck to head joint, which will be probably far after. That is fourteen joints. And I have to do the head, of coarse, but I'm making at least two (At this point one based on Matt Smith and one on David Bowie XD Then, maybe a George Harrison. That would be fun making the little guitars.)
Yeah, so if I sell them, might only get to selling the heads, I'd have three models of heads based on that plan there- Smith, Bowie and Harrison. Could name them differently, with notes on who they're based on. Don't think I'll face copyright issues since it'll be extremely few castings XD
I'll take artistic lisence, change 'em up to my liking. Loosely based.
HOLY FACE I FORGOT TO FINISH MY TEA- I'll just post the pictures of my pieces so far:
Here's the upper torso and an old unfinished head above it. And my messed up mop of hair XD
YEAH. More pieces, the upper and lower torso and AN UPPER ARM.
Lower torso, upper and lower LEG.
That's some hard core sculpting there XD
(Easiest stuff I've done, starting to really make me scared- If this is easy, something is going to have to be as hard as keeping a cat from a box)

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