Thursday, December 12, 2013


Well, I made the cores for my future BJD. It was pretty cool, man. I thought it would be hard, then it was easy, then it was hard, then it was easy, then it was hard AGAIN. Yet then it was easy. Once I sand them, they will form the limbs. Then I have to do the body. It will be interesting.
Now, by cores, I mean most of the mass of it. I just made the basic shapes, and now I will sand them down and then proceed to add to them. Making details, lengthening, adding joints and the like. That will take a fat amount of time. I basically just made a piece of the armature. But this will be FUN. I won't have to root the hair into the clay head, like I did once XD Donatello still needs his hair trimmed. That may be daunting. But anyways, I must of done something else today. I had an interesting dream, but I forgot it. I need to sleep. I had food today and bought a bandana. And I am now 5505 days old.

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