Sunday, January 26, 2014

The letter "E" is concealed by a man in white.

You may be wondering why I havn't posted in the last couple of days. You may be. You probably wern't but let's assume you were for this.
There was a reason.
Assuming that, it all started when I put olive oil in a bowl. There was a reason for that, but with the frame of mind I am in now it seems quite frivolous. And may not be suitable for my blog. Well, actually that was all in my dream last night- And frankly, that oil looked and tasted a lot like butter.
It all really started when I was- Well, I was going to think of something entertaining, but I won't.
That event exactly.
LAZINESS. It consumed me. Well, not quite laziness, but I just didn't feel it necessary. But I did it today. That's all that matters. For all you know, I could of posted them, and then deleted them. But I wouldn't do that. I have never deleted a word after it was posted. Though I did delete a couple of pictures at the beginning- I was proud of them, and then a couple months later thought they were stupid and that someone would actually see them. Me. My own foolish pride. But really, all my stuff from back then looks equally stupid and brings joy to my eyelids. And where ever else joy happens to go.
Meanwhile, I have a prototype for a double elbow joint- Except I was lazy and decided to try and microwave the polymer clay (in a bowl of covered water, of coarse) and it is very fragile and does not look aesthetically pleasing. I'm working on another.
ANSWER: Photoshop XD

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