Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This is what happens when you swallow too much toothpaste over the course of a lifetime. This can easilly be prevented by taking safe measures, such as rinsing your mouth with diluted rubbing alcohol each morning or not engaging in dental hygene activities all together. 
This is Arnold Williams. Or was, however. He swallowed too much toothpaste and now is living in a rehab center- Though rehabilitation from such a state is close to impossible. Each morning his food is fed to him through a straw, and has to be both gluten free and at least 80% seaweed. His hair is shaved every two months and is donated to various fields of research. Scientists say it is harvested from former Arnold Williams with his consent, but communication is confusing since he can only vocalise through his nostrils. He has been suspended in this state for 35 years, but you probably havn't heard of them. The toothpaste industry didn't want the news to get out, so they bribed the FDA. So you havn't heard until now. Please don't endanger your health- Abstain from brushing your teeth more than once a week. 

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