Friday, September 5, 2014

I think I may have temporarily averted my hair crisis.

Yeah. There's always hair angst. I blame my hair for everything. It just so happens that when my hair looks cool, everything looks cool. The opposite is also true.
Why do I care? Being so vain does not really match my personality. I wasn't before- it's an insecure sort of vain. Usually I'd look into the mirror, and it's looking good. I'll just continue to blame my hair, and compare it to the likes of Jimmy Page and Roger Daltrey. I don't have one of those faces that look good with just anything.
Being insecure about my apperance just dosn't suit me- I wasn't insecure when I was a hopeless fat nerd child. It was when I looked decent, but far from masculine.
I need side burns. I'll look awesome in three years, I'll be able to make any legal change I want. I wouldn't be entirely financially independent, so I'd be able to save up enough for a nice jacket. I'd need insurance. I really need insurance, but I don't want to deal with that.
The acne will be gone in 6 months. CLAP FOR ME. Then it will be 48 days until I am 6000 days old. I need to put that on a calendar.

IN OTHER NEWS, I just completed my first AP Calculus assignment! I HAVE FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL I HAD WHEN I WAS 9 YEARS OLD- To take a college math course before college. I feel accomplished. I am probably the first in the history of my ancestors to have done so. YEAH FUTURE.
Wait a second- Will I the last of my bloodline? Will it just end right when someone takes Calculus? I suppose they could clone me from DNA samples.

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