Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Do what you wish with it."

Well, today was a tuesday, Chubber was fat, and I started casting some silicone molds. YEAH.
I should start saying things on here.
I did have an interesting dream last night, with characters resembling greek mythology.
It was a mythological story where there was a battle between these gods, and many of them died. In the turmoil, Earth turned barren, much like Mars. There was one man left. He met the god of magic, a very old man, who turned him into the god of Earth. He could suddenly do all of these things, though there wasn't much to do. To restore things, he went on a journey with the old god in a golf cart, and met a woman- The goddess of the moon. They got married soon after, and continued on their journey. Soon he made it to a large city (The dream wasn't really consistent, though this could have been thousands of years later when humanity was restored) and found himself bewildered- The human world was so inharmonious, so odd, as cars rushed around him. Someone started to come up behind him, and in self defense he attacked the man- To see that he wasn't really threatening him at all. So, seeing that the man was not sneaky but just slow to his standards, he turned him into the god of speed. This surprised the man, as he shot up into the sky with luminous green shoes. The earth god tried to find him to sort things out, which he eventually did. For a while he was in the human world, wandering in shops and in neiborhoods, finding the goddess of love (thought to be killed in the battle) disguised as a squirrel. That's all I remember.

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