Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Yes, I'm mad about old disney movies again. They were GOOD.
I thought James Cameron's Avatar was probably the best movie I had seen when I was eleven for a few hours to days after I saw it (hard to believe it was nearly five years ago) and was fascinated by it. Because I was eleven, and at that time anything of the sort could have seemed sophisticated.
Now, if your brain has developed to a level higher than that, you can see that it certainly isn't the best movie ever. It does contain some very impressive graphics, but otherwise there is much to be desired. Just imagine it as a play. It is as if they don't expect the viewer to be intelligent enough to detect the mood without profanity.
Now, look at disney's Atlantis. I always wanted to watch that as a kid- I had when it had come out I'm sure, but unfortunately was too young to actually remember it. So, I watched it now. I was far more entertained by it than avatar (Not to mention the overrated monstrosity that is Frozen), and loved the animation. You could mute it and still get the story- It's an art form of its own. I miss that.
They are all sellouts now.
Anyways, if you watch the two, there are alarming similarities, as if the guy was taking notes while watching Atlantis. This isn't My Sweet Lord and He's So Fine- This is like Ice Ice Baby and Under Pressure. I'd say worse, except for the blasphemous nature of the rap song. The union of Queen and David Bowie on a record should be regarded as sacred.

I think I may have strayed from the point. But, here's a lesson:
NEVER put any part of a great song in a rap song. Not from Queen, David Bowie, Supertramp, Elton John, or anyone else I've heard copied in a rap song. Or, God forbid, The Beatles.
Good night, children. Pay attention to what you swallow and what you put on your toast.

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