Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I think I have thought of an end to Pride and Prejudice. Because a book that you get told to read should really end. And Darcy reminds me of my ex-cat, Sippy.
Things will go well for Darcy and Elizabeth in the beginning, with his deep personality adding a passionate side to the relationship. Until, of coarse, they've been together for a while. Then they start to drift apart. Everything is all intellectual for Darcy, and Elizabeth gets bored. And after a while, due to expectations, they have a child. And then more children. Neither one of them expecially delighted in the idea of children, but it was something expected. The extra distractions around the household push Darcy away, as Elizabeth finds him less impersonable and more dull. After a while, Darcy can't take it and leaves. He's a wealthy man, he can do what he pleases. He leaves the familly with most of the money out of guilt, and strives to forget his old life. Elizabeth is devistated, but not quite heartbroken. It's been hard taking care of her children, but now the governess does most of the work so she too leaves the household, but for short small trips to her sister's house after she's gotten over a bit of jeolousy about Jane and Mr. Bingley's great relationship. She can't stay mad at them- They're so pleasant, agreeable, and they help her through it. The event with Darcy makes Bingley a bit distant, but over time he finds a way to cope. Soon Elizabeth spends a lot of time with them, delighting in their happiness.
Meanwhile, Darcy finds his own place in the city and has published a couple of books, now working on pieces for an encyclopedia. It seems a bit dull, but he has to do something with his time. Has to always be occupied. Soon, he meets someone else, more suited to this stage in his life. She's more cerebral and distant that Elizabeth like he is, but they both need a sort of company. As he ages and slows down, he starts to think more about Elizabeth and greatly regrets not spending time with his children- But he can't go back, what he did was unforgivable. His sadness about times past pushes his new wife away, and she leaves him. Now much of his time is spent alone, strolling about the city, reminissing. He can't get it out of his mind, and he can't go back to it. After a while he just gives up, surcomming to a fever in his early fifties. Elizabeth lives on into her late seventies, always wondering what happened to him, but had found another man in her late fifties. They were very happy together until the end, and finding delight in her familly.

That would of been a more entertaining story. Maybe they wouldn't have talked as much.
It's a bit of a downer though XD

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